In the area of private law, the firm provides services related to the following types of contracts: 

• Purchase and sale of holdings
• Purchase and sale of property
• Contracting and sub-contracting
• Joint ventures and other types of partnerships 
• Various service provisioning
• Commercial contracts 

In relation to the aforementioned contracts, the legal aid provided includes: 

• Contract negotiation 
• Follow-up to the signing and execution of contracts 
• Intervention resolving in-court disputes



In the area of corporate law, the firm provides a vast range of services, highlighting the following: 

• Incorporation of companies 
• Development and negotiation of parasocial agreements 
• Purchase and sale of holdings
• Reorganisation of companies 
• Restructuring of companies
• Suppliers’ contracts
• Joint ventures and other types of business partnerships 
• General assistance 



In the area of real estate, the firm offers a vast range of services related to: 

• Transfer of property during the various phases of the real estate development process 
• Financing solutions structured for real estate operations, leasing, partnerships and joint ventures 
• Rentals related to housing, offices, trade and leisure 
• Tax framework of contractual options 
• Construction contracts, contracting and sub-contracting 
Our firm also intervenes in the resolution of real estate-related administrative, civil and taxation disputes.



In addition to legal aid itself related to the information and legal framework of operations, the firm also provides legal services related to the development phase from a taxation perspective. In other words, the firm provides legal services related to the defence of taxpayers’ interests in terms of: 

• The legal/tax framework of the aforementioned operations 
• The taxation on incomes 
• The tax obligations of directors or managers of companies or other legal entities resulting from the fulfilment of their duties. 

Regarding this, in cases of tax-related disputes, the firm represents and advises its clients of their rights in terms of: 

• Defence of non-contentious proceedings, be they non-contentious claims, statements, hierarchical appeals or others 
• The right to defence of a legal nature, by way of the presentation and follow-up of tax refunds, judicial refute or other foreseen proceedings.